The Beast from the Swamp


Bo came to town with two Rifles.  The first was a bolt action vom Hofe Rifle which fired the 5.6 x 61 Cartridge.  This is his personal favorite for Hunting Wild Boar.  The second rifle, which his Cousin Roy suggested he bring along, was a custom-made double rifle chambered for the 11.15 x 58R Cartridge.  This rifle has more stopping power and is better for hunting large hogs, especially in heavy cover.  Bo inherited both rifles from his Grandfather.
5.6 x 61 vom Hofe
This is the largest commercial .22 caliber cartridge in the world.  The .220 Swift is faster, but the vom Hofe fires bullets of 70 to 87 grains.  It’s a hair thicker that most American .22s (.228 caliber, like the .22 Savage hi-power).  The cartridge was developed during the 1930s in Germany by A.E. vom Hofe.  The rifles that fire it were built around the Swedish Husqvarna-Mauser action.   The cartridge was intended for stag and wild boar hunting.   It will fire an 87 grain bullet at 3310 fps.
   11.15 x 58R Austrian Werndl
This was the standard military rifle cartridge of the Austo-Hungarian Empire from 1877 to 1886.  Like most military rifles of the period, it fired a large bullet (370 grains) at a speed of about 1400 fps.   The result was a cartridge that had tremendous stopping power (handy when facing primitive warriors who hadn’t been taught to lie down when they were shot).  For this reason, these cartridges remained popular long after the rifles that fired them became obsolete.  The 11.15 x 58R was first used in the Werndl Rotating-Block Single-Shot Rifle, and after 1886 in the Mannlicher Straight-Pull Rifle.
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