The Beast from the Swamp


The Dinohyus was the last and largest member of a group of prehistoric, pig-like animals called Entelodonts.  It was ten feet in length and stood seven feet at the shoulder.  Its massive head measured over three feet in length.  A set of jugals (bones that stretched down and out from its jaws) gave it a distinctive, pig-like appearance.  It had a crest on top of its skull that anchored powerful jaw muscles, giving it the ability to bite through the most massive bones.  Behind the crest, equally powerful neck muscles supported the massive head.  On the other hand, its legs were long and graceful, making it a fast runner.  There is some question how it hunted.  Most likely, it simply crashed into its victim, knocking it over; then it used its powerful jaws to crush the skull.  The Dinohyus lived from twenty-nine to sixteen million years ago.
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